Snow Creek is situated in the Hirafu area of Hokkaido’s Niseko, the most attractive villa area that continues to grow as a world-class snow resort.

The Hirafu area is a rare region in Hokkaido where sophisticated modern architectural designs densely populate amidst untouched natural surroundings.

Under the concept of ‘Harmony of Light and Nature,’ this lighting project is designed to play a pivotal role in shaping the atmosphere of the evolving town.

The lighting plan, designed to harmonize with the sophisticated modern architecture blending into nature, symbolizes the emerging identity of Hirafu and is conceived to reflect the town’s growth and allure.

Each piece of indoor lighting is designed to resonate with the beauty of nature, enhancing the appeal of Hirafu as a resort.

Snow Creek is a three-floor concrete building, featuring a gym, pool, and Japanese onsen on the first floor, the owner’s study room and guest rooms on the second floor, and the living area, dining room, kitchen, theater room, and lounge on the third floor.

From the windows on the east side of the building, every floor offers a view of Mt. Yotei, the regional symbol, showcasing spectacular scenery that changes its expression with the seasons.

Each room has a lighting scheme based mainly on indirect lighting, where the sharp yet soft light spreading through the space harmonizes with the seasonal scenery of Mt. Yotei, creating a seamless connection with the natural light.

All lighting is connected to scene controllers, creating a refined atmosphere over time and contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the building.

One technique employed to realize the concept of ‘Harmony of Light and Nature’ is line lighting.

On the first floor, the pool and Japanese onsen areas use line lighting as direct light, creating an active and sophisticated atmosphere.

On the third floor, the ceilings of the living, dining, and lounge areas are adorned with organic curved indirect lighting.

The sharp, indirect light, designed to minimize the spread of light, blurs the boundaries between the dining and living areas.

This harmonizes with the interior design elements, thus enhancing the comfort of the living space.

By expressing line lighting as both direct and indirect light, we have enhanced the allure of modern architecture while materializing a new harmony with nature, characteristic of Hirafu.

In this project, lighting is not merely a functional element but is used as a tool to harmonize with the beautiful natural environment of Hirafu.
Rather than considering lighting as the main focus, by pursuing a balance with the natural environment, we achieve sustainability in a sensory and emotional sense.

We believe that this approach will serve as a new guideline for resort lighting in the times to come.

Snow Creek is an excellent example where lighting defines the relationship between architecture and nature, profoundly impacting the spatial experience.
We hope it sets a new benchmark in resort lighting for the future.

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