Skybell is an extensive system of light structures, designed to adapt to any type of application.

Their main characteristic is the image they give off, they are subtle and cheerful. They breathe a point of fantasy and freedom in their applications because they can be combined in variations, mixing their 4 sizes, until they achieve a more personal and dynamic lamp concept or they can keep all the ‘bells’ in the same length, achieving a more traditional image. Depending on the user’s preferences, the Bells can easily modify their positioning via a connector (Jack) that allows us to connect them to the network with just one click. This function is suitable for the entire Skybell collection.

The Skybells are divided into 3 clearly distinct groups and due to the different possibilities they offer, each of these groups forms a family on itself: Garland, Linear Profile and Circular Profile.

The garlands can be hung from the ceiling or the wall depending on the needs of the environment. This bracket incorporates an internal support that allows positioning the cable with ease.

In all its versions the luminaire is always black, but finishes can be customized.

The profiles are made of extruded aluminium. In the linear and circular versions, the profile is suspended by height adjustable tension cables.

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