Designed by Jorge Krewinkel, Skin is a family of outdoor lighting fixtures with organic lines inspired by nature and, more precisely by an honeycomb structure. Adapting and slightly revising the hexagonal shape, we managed to obtain a shape capable of linking different elements giving greater perception of continuity.

Skin is an innovative outdoor (IP67), versatile and modular lighting fixture. The brand new elongated hexagonal shape makes it easy to create continuous linear compositions, suitable for following and lighting the complex or misaligned silhouettes of modern architecture. This product can be used in various configurations: recess-mounted flush with the pavement, wall or ceiling-mounted, semi-recessed or surface-mounted. Skin’s great versatility also spills over into the controlled-luminance optics available in various finishes. The structure is made of aluminium in embossed black finish, elegant and universal, perfect for any environment when it is exposed. The two types of recessed casings, one conceived for floor installation and the other for cast or plasterboard ceiling installation, contain a high-performance lighting machine with multiple sources and power variations.

Skin comes in various installation configurations: ceiling-mounted, semi-recessed and flush-fit. With two types of outer casing, it is easy to position according to the project requirements with a choice of different light distribution. Skin has an IP67 protection rating and an extremely strong structure with an impact rating of IK10

(166mm version) and IK08 (220mm version). The combination of these elements means that Skin is perfect for precise and accurate design requirements.

In particular, Skin Wall asymmetric is one of the most interesting versions of the family.

It boasts Black screen-printed glass and Metallic cells which allows for uniform wall washer lighting, whether installed as an uplight or downlight.

Skin asymmetric has the dual aim of emphasising the surroundings and at the same time, it contributes to make the place perfectly visible also in the evening hours along with exalting the lines of the buildings while maintaining a strong aesthetic feature.

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