Introducing SIVIC 200: Elevating Architectural Lighting with Precision and Style

Surface mounted luminaires have long been an integral part of architectural structures, transcending its role as a mere illuminating source to become a defining statement of a building’s character, both indoors and outdoors. While the classic round cylinder has been a staple, the SIVIC 200 emerges as a groundbreaking addition to the lighting designer’s arsenal—a square profile that redefines aesthetics and functionality.

SIVIC 200 is not just a luminaire; it is an architectural masterpiece designed to meet the discerning needs of lighting designers and architects. The square profile, a departure from the conventional circular cylinder, adds a touch of modernity to any space. With a comprehensive range of optics and a unique wallwasher design, SIVIC 200 goes beyond illuminating; it artfully accentuates the intricacies of wall structures, making a bold statement in design.

SIVIC 200 alleviates the most common Installation issue with square cylinders – achieving perfect alignment along a straight line parallel to a wall. Unlike their circular counterparts, square fixtures lack the luxury of rotation without altering their appearance. Uneven installation can mar the structural symmetry and compromise the intended lighting effects. Enter SIVIC 200’s innovative alignment features, a game-changer for square installations.

SIVIC 200 has an ingenious design allowing the mounting plate to rotate up to 15 degrees. This enables precise alignment. A strategically placed notch at the edge facilitates laser beam alignment during installation, ensuring perfection in positioning. A discreet skirt conceals all besa boxes allowing seamless conduit passage and maintaining the fixture’s aesthetic integrity.

SIVIC 200 is crafted with precision, the IP-rated 200mm x 200mm luminaire delivers up to 6000 lumens. The SIVIC 200 comes with an integral driver as standard. The standard fitting can also accommodate emergency supplies if required. For higher outputs it can be supplied with a remote driver. The twist and lock system ensures easy maintenance of LED modules and drivers, underscoring our commitment to sustainability and future-proofing.

SIVIC 200 is not just a lighting solution; it’s a testament to precision, style, and innovation. Elevate your architectural designs with SIVIC 200 – where form meets function, and lighting becomes an art form.

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