A multi-disciplinary collaboration with architect, WOHA and landscape architect, Salad Dressing, the lighting concept by lighting designer, Light Collab supports the overall vision of the Singapore Pavilion. Visitors can embark on a journey up the ramp to enjoy the scenery of the rainforest with different experiences throughout the day. In the day, visitors will experience the feeling of entering a rainforest, with daylight rays filtering through the forest while meandering through the cones. At night, the intent is to evoke the spirit of the forest by revealing the particular spectrum of light which is specific for the growth of the plants. These particular segments of the spectrum are elevated, prior to being camouflaged in the daylight. The visitors will enter into an environment that encourages the regeneration of the forest.

Following the pathways meandering into nature, concealed lighting serves as guiding light, gentling illuminating the way forward. The layer of grow lights above the hanging gardens support the growth and doubles up as a layer for environmental lighting creating a layer of “sky”. Grow lights in narrow beams also support the growth of the nature on the cones. The grow lights also carefully tuned to allow double usage of supporting growth with high photosynthetic photon flux output, and also doubles up as archi-entertainment lighting with special colours for an immersive biophilic environment, highlighting different parts of nature, plants. In the day time and early evenings, the environment appears to be a natural one, with warm colour tones, but gradually transits to various modes to reveal different spectrums of light in the spirit of the forest and the lighting scenes. Fibre optics are also further deployed to create luminous fireflies in the experience.

Additional landscape lighting further supports the overall lighting enhancing various features like the water features, trees and other parts of the nature.

A special biomorphosis 3 minute light show will be presented periodically every 1 hour where all components of the landscape lighting come together to elevate the breathing rhythm of nature and a celebration of life. Elevating the spectrum of light, the light show comprises of 6 specific colour themes, to create transitions, pulsing, drawing people into the heartbeat of the living forest.

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