Villa Signor Sassi is an Italian restaurant with modern and elegant interiors. Hilights’ concept is not only to accentuate the main architectural elements and sophisticated design materials created by the architect, but also to complement and emphasize the charm and coziness of the villa using hidden light sources and custom-made light effects. The moment you step into the villa, the journey begins.

The elegant entrance builds anticipation before arrival into the main dining area. Each area has its own refined lighting elements and details, tailored to its decor and function to achieve emotions and memorable dining experiences. The general illumination of the reception area and waiting lounge is provided by bespoke lighting pendants to promote the richness of the design and ornamentation, while small projectors concealed in subtle details inside ceiling materials are used for soft dramatic light.

Similarly, the dining area has its own charm with decorative wall lights designed and developed in Hilights custom-made products’ department, and the tables are dramatically highlighted with low glare focused light beams.

The harmony continues to the bar area with a more complex ceiling structure to feature the furniture design uniqueness and elegance. The indoor terrace is delicately illuminated with small projectors and candle-like table lamps to keep the feeling of dining in a calm beautiful garden. And lastly, a glamorous lighting installation is designed for the toilets’ waiting area called ‘insta-room’ to capture the unique journey.

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