The Expobay project has a huge volume of up to 3 million square meters, which is equivalent to opening up a new city from the original blank. Yun’an Plaza and Nan’an Plaza are located in the core area of the Convention and Expobay, as the gateway of the Convention and Exhibition New City, across the river from the Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The architectural design takes the original coastal stones to form the outer contour of the building. With the introduction of greening and humanistic parks, the city and nature are fully integrated. The broken line design of the building allows the scenery to enter the house and the building itself to become the scenery.
As night falls, the building blends with the water surface, and the lights with a sense of array and ceremony are lit up, forming a characteristic night scene effect. When there is no water, it can become a square space for gatherings.

The Floating Space surrounding the building enhances the interaction between public spaces, reduces the space scale to the human scale, and ensures a more detailed experience for people in it.
Combined with the overall planning, it forms a V-shaped main axis with the east block. Through the interspersed planting and paving, the feeling of the axis is enhanced. The setting at the middle node can participate in the setting of landscape and water features, providing people with space to stay and participate in viewing.

Combined with the office needs, the potential possibility of the space enclosed by the structural walls is explored. The light shows the shape of the building through different materials and the relationship between the plates, and the rhythmic light is attached to the carrier to present continuity. Re-summarize the integration of space walls and space to divide different functional space areas, forming an office pan-club landscape space for people to stay, gather, take a nap, and exercise.

Link sharing, enabling symbiosis. Yun’an will be built as a multi-functional area integrating leisure, communication, and shared office. In the future, new links will be continuously incubated here, and it will become a continuously dynamic space.

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