In the midst of a hot night in the Colombian Caribe, where the mountains meets the jungle and the sea, where the hypnotic breeze and the whisper of the sea overflow with magic and intertwine at night with the Colors in the sea, in the mountain and jungle that take control and overflow giving life to a surreal encounter. Called : Magic Realism ……


Transporting the users to a magical dimension where realities and spaces work. Through the exuberant vegetation, that the scenery offers, through 4 main the scenery, through 4 main camps of light.

Landscape layer: in perception of the botanical photography of the area. Applying Uplight in 3000k at all times to accentuate the drama of the scene, with mixed composition of optics.

Immersive layer: landscape in colour.
Using a dmx-controlled color scheme in uplight with mixed optics, making specific use of timelines and transitions, under the intentionality and magical suggestion of space.

Decorative layer: Using thousands of light points, 5000k diode type we seek to make a simile to the incorporation of heaven into the earth and for both to function in a theatrical reality. We also develop decorative lighting elements specific to the concept used, putting joy into the energy and magic of the place.

Effects layer: we created circular temporary luminaires controlled by dmx at 6000 k, which were specifically located between the vegetation and the treetops, and thus creating a atmosphere of controlled thunder within the vegetation, making the sky feel much closer.

The calculated and directed composition of the different aspects of light, allows us to generate the emotionality of the space.

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