Seta Meat Lab is an exclusive restaurant in the centre of Bologna that offers the finest cuts of meat from all over the world. Its atmosphere is the manifesto of a style that aggregates dissimilar elements and combines them in casual ways, to achieve a coherent aesthetics. Exposed brick walls with spatula-worked golden details coexist in the same space with optical illusion, reptile or concrete texture wallpapers, as well as with sofas and seats covered in leather or velvet.

The lighting project plays an important role in the rooms: standard and custom-made lamps by Catellani & Smith fit perfectly the peculiar style of the restaurant and contribute to connect the refined pieces of furniture and the decorative elements in the ambience.

A green frame, made of the many climbing pothos that decorate large part of the ceiling surrounds an enchanting Gold Moon Chandelier composed by irregular, hand-made golden discs and copper curls that hold tiny gems of light,

Among the suspensions installed into the rooms, the new 56 Petits Bijoux pendant lamp stands out for its structure: similar to an almost deconstructed sphere, it is made up of a series of untreated brass circles, studded with numerous high-efficiency LEDs provided with peculiar transparent covers and brass clips. Another striking suspension is Sorry Giotto 12, a 120 cm copper ring, hand-painted in blue, which hides small LEDs that are able to create an halo of diffused lighting. Lederam W wall lamps produce enchanting lighting effects and create suggestive shadows, thanks to their swivelling discs. A custom-made Lederam composition is a custom-made scenographic piece, made of gold-coloured discs of different diameters. By reflecting their warm and soft lighting on the optical wallpaper in one of the main rooms of the restaurant, the Lederam discs create a nice contrast with the natural light that comes from the ceiling.

The cocktail bar area, composed of a long industrial counter, is decorated by Jackie O single pendants. Their nickel-plated copper curls holding small removable glass lenses are hung to thin cables, covered in blue fabric, which do not interfere with the minimal and unique design of the pendants.
Some Giulietta BE T table lamps – in vintage brass finish version – have been placed on the bar counter and in other places inside the restaurant; they can be ‘transported’ easily anywhere, thanks to battery operation and the absence of cables.

The lighting project has been completed by positioning three floor lamps in different part of the restaurant: a PostKrisi F 100 with a hand-painted fiberglass diffuser (custom painted in RAL 8007 Fawn brown); a Wa Wa F that is able to ‘paint’ fascinating circles of light on the wall; a Light Stick F, which is an emblem of the purest minimalism and diffuses a soft lighting when switched on, while disappears in the ambience when switched off.

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