Luminii expanded its Senso product portfolio and reimagined the chandelier with Vesta, an inspired, architecturally designed collection. The ready-to-order and modifiable chandeliers deliver elegant contours, high performance, and a superior quality of light, enabling lighting design and architecture professionals to reinvent and elevate spaces across a broad range of applications.

Engineered with the end-result in mind, Vesta consists of completely outfitted designs. No guesswork or complex planning is required, making specification simple and succinct while providing lighting designers and architects a wide array of choices for any application.

Inspired by sleek, striking shapes, the five models include Vesta X, Vesta Y, Vesta SQUARE, Vesta HEXAGON, and Vesta TRIANGLE.

Each ready-to-order chandelier is designed with a universal, round canopy to support cohesive installations and product continuity. The canopies conceal all hardware for a clean and uniform installation ideal for museum, hospitality, restaurant, retail, corporate, wellness, and healthcare applications.

Vesta also delivers vibrant colours with 90+ CRI and R9 values up to 60 across the dimming curve with minimal colour shift.

The 100-percent modular Vesta chandelier collection can be made to order to meet project specifications. Lighting design and architecture professionals can choose from a variety of finishes, shapes, light outputs, and CCTs to create the exact ambiences they envision for spaces.

Standard finishes include white, black, and silver. Premium finishes include mocha, charcoal, cerulean, and firebrick. Customers can further personalize Vesta with custom colours of their choice.

Like the original Vesta 1 product family, the expanded chandelier line includes models for both direct and direct/indirect for maximum flexibility. Luminii will continue manufacturing the original Vesta 1 suspended linear system, which features a slight trapezoidal perceptive in its design as well as a high performance symmetrical frosted lens providing a high transmission graduate, and even, continuous illumination with no shadows or dark spots.

Luminii expanded the Vesta line to meet a rising need for simple, yet elegant, geometric LED chandeliers. Customers are also seeking lighting solutions that are easy to install to meet tight deadlines during continued uncertainty, and the Vesta line answers that call with style and grace.

Furthermore, the expanded Vesta collection encourages lighting design and architecture professionals to think outside of the box. Robust customization options and a variety of product features give customers the tools they need to build the ultimate installation and reshape the way people think about lighting design.

In addition to reimagining the chandelier, Vesta reflects Luminii’s commitment to preserving the world it helps illuminate. The company’s environmental sustainability policy includes recycling as many materials as possible during and after the product manufacturing process, including aluminium extrusions scraps from saw offcuts, aluminium chips from the computer numerical control (CNC) machining process, copper wires, 2 and 4 conductor wires and paperboard boxes from received goods. Luminii also re-evaluates supply chains and distribution channels on a regular basis to cut down on transportation and fuel consumption.

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