Semplici coincidenze, or mere coincidences in English, is my latest exhibition project. It has been realized in Lugano, Switzerland, for 4 days in November 2020. These are complicated days to create projects that include the presence of the public, and I wanted to show my work while keeping the idea of staying at home.

That’s why I chose to work in my building’s parking lot. There are many places we pass through and we rarely pay attention to their architectural and spatial details. The main idea was to make the garage the axis of the exhibition, using light to transform a place of transit into a place of contemplation.

When I emptied the parking lots I realized that, once the cars were removed, the ambient had a completely different spatial appearance. Suddenly an empty volume appeared, where only a few marks on the floor denoted its original use. When set in the dark, the place was almost indistinguishable from a room made especially for light artworks.

In the space, I placed three sculptures that occupied the entire visual space of the garage and naturally guided the gaze from one side to the other. Of the three, two of them focused more on a specific point, while one of them acted as a conjunction for the others to establish a dialogue from blue to red. By following the reflections and coincidences, the entire environment could be appreciated little by little, and at the rhythm set by the sculptures.

In this way, the spectator, for a moment, was no longer in a parking space.

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