Carrying the legacy of Mayfair, Scott’s is Richmond’s new gem. Marrying elegance with old glamour is the perfect dining experience next to scenic river Thames.

18FIFTY was invited to work alongside client team and design studio Cantor Masters, to create a lighting scheme to complement the beautiful finishes whilst providing a comfortable guest experience.

Absolutely stunning interiors with tall ceilings, walls dressed with cast glass pieces and mirrors, abundance of beautiful Venetian chandeliers, Ground Floor has the feel of Hollywood glamour.

Crustacean Bar is the protagonist located in the middle of the space with integrated lighting to highlight both leather bar front and the intricate mosaic floor.

To showcase the different elements but minimising the use of ceiling fixtures, downlights and small spotlights were used to only accentuate tables, artwork and drapery. Uplights to window reveals create a visual rythm and accent the drapes beautiful shapes.

On the first floor, the golden glass bar is the show stopper. To create a vivid effect, lighting was integrated inside the cast glass pieces in various levels both on the bar front and top. To create the desired lit effect, 5 different LED luminaires were utilised.

Continuing the principle from the Ground Floor, the use of architectural ceiling fittings was sparse with focusing only on the essential elements.

Last but not least the restrooms, lack no detail as highlighted lush marbles and illuminated cast glass mirrors come to complete an opulent restaurant.

Spanning across 3 floors, in every corner Scott’s Richmond inspires.

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