For the new Virgin Voyages cruise line, which will enter service in 2021 with its first ship Scarlet Lady, L’Observatoire designed the full traveller’s experience, from port to island. From the beginning of their journey to their return, travellers will discover a variety of atmospheres, designed to serve as markers in their passage and embracing the excitement of their voyage.

The majority of the voyage is spent on the ship itself, where the variety of experiences available to passengers is punctuated through a broad spectrum of lighting schemes. The lower deck interior features an infinity mirror, illuminated through a constellation of lights. Endlessly multiplying and reflecting on the faceted surface, the lighting creates a visual destination within the ship. In the theatre, designed by WORKac, the zebra-pattern interior is enhanced with saturated red illumination. Other entertainment areas, such as the restaurant, lounge, exterior lounge and nightclub, all designed by Roman and Williams, are also each given their own distinct characters through lighting, The club is defined by a colorful and retractable LED centerpiece; and a custom-designed chandelier, inspired by the wrapping curves of a seashell and featuring handblown glass elements, marks the entry to the high-end restaurant.

L’Observatoire International worked closely with Concrete Amsterdam on lighting the upper deck. The design includes a perforated LED video screen to frame the pool club, as well as the gym and yoga area which features a duality of lighting. Through different color temperatures and light levels, this space can be transformed from a calming space into guiding active movement.

A lounge net is suspended above the upper deck. Lighting heightens its sense of weightlessness, creating a feeling of floating above, with nothing but the ocean below. With all deck lighting set below eye level, travellers have unobstructed views over the seascape, and as the ship travels through the water, it emits a trace of light, marking its voyage.

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