The concept for the Sarah & Sebastian jewellery retail location saw an exceptional collaboration between the interior and lighting designers to place a great emphasis on illumination to create atmosphere, with the design celebrating magic in mystery, discovery, warmth and intimacy.

The perfect contrast was struck by combining layers of light and accurate light levels, emerging with a sense of simplicity. Visitors are also drawn and guided through a luxurious experience, with the subtle and shaded atmosphere highlighting the refined jewellery & architectural elements.

Every detail was carefully considered from the colour temperature to accentuate the precious metals, stones and diamonds to the use of minimal aesthetic adjustable spotlights strategically positioned (with appropriate beam angles) for highlighting without creating glare or undesirable shadows. In order to achieve a desired effect, the linear display case was illuminated directly from above with the spotlights making it possible to highlight the handmade pieces of jewellery while preventing shadow. By contrast, LED strips in different locations within the joinery details created simplicity and provide a cloudy and timelessness sensation. The several runs of LED strip were disposed horizontally behind the mirror creating a ´floating´ effect and emphasising the concrete wall, and placed within and behind the display to make it glow.

Mini-adjustable spotlights were concealed within the bronze mirror display to further accomplish the gallery style, allowing to adjust the focus of light towards the refined product. Flexibility and adjustability was critical in dimming capabilities. This allowed the creation of scenes that played with the layers and levels of light. This is was crucial for different purposes such as events or VIP launches.

The illumination is subdued and gentle and elevates the minimal, museum feel of the location. The result was an intriguing, modern and minimalistic space with a sophisticated feel that the client and customers have both met with wonder.

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