The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida is located in the Paraíba Valley, between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.

A 1,352,762-sq.-m. area, including 142,865 sq. m. of built-up area, it is the world’s largest shrine dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Its construction effectively started on November 11th, 1955, and it was conceived by a few names, including the renowned Brazilian architect Benedito Calixto de Jesus Netto, who specialized in religious art and Catholic liturgy.

Regarded as the country’s number-one religious tourist destination, the Sanctuary welcomes more than 12 million pilgrims throughout the year.

Mingrone Iluminação is responsible for the technical lighting project of the entire internal and external area of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida.

The Sanctuary’s 50-meter-high north facade has two 25-meter-high lampposts with LED projectors operating with different beam angles and high color rendering index, which accentuate its rock-mosaic-covered surface. The mosaics depict Biblical scenes and make up the wonderful piece signed by Father Marko Ivan Rupnik, from Slovenia.

In front of the north facade lies the Builders’ Memorial, which includes the Our Lady of the Assumption Obelisk. On the floor, engraved letters show the distance from each of Brazil’s state capitals to the city of Aparecida, where the Sanctuary is located.

Projectors are positioned from the same tower of the lampposts outside the facade to light up the area of the 12-meter-high obelisk, where the 2.5-meter-high bronze statue of Our Lady of the Assumption, by the Sicilian sculptor Francisco Bussacca, is located.

In the same complex we see the belfry, with 13 bells that honor the 12 apostles, the Virgin of Aparecida, and Saint Joseph. RGB LED projectors make it possible to synchronize lighting effects to the songs played as the bells toll.

This is also the case of the lighting project for the Crucifix Belvedere tower, where RGB LED projectors portray the specific liturgical colors used to celebrate daily Masses and provide a special show in the glow of the sunset, with a view facing the Basilica and the city of Aparecida.

The proposed lighting project includes projectors set up on the floor and highlights the 30-meter-high tower and also the 25-ton, 23-meter-high steel cross at the top of it, made by the artist Claudio Pastro.

Mingrone Iluminação’s aim with the technical lighting project for this major historical architectural work was to accentuate its architectural elements s well as the several works of art exhibited across the Sanctuary complex in an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way.

Moreover, the grandness of this project elevates the surroundings, appealing to thousands of tourists, and it can be appreciated by those driving through the Presidente Dutra Highway connecting São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two of the country’s most important cities.

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