Inspired by the traditions of a glorious country, where lights mark the symbol of divinity and joy.

Here’s an exquisite piece of craftsmanship inspired by the timeless symbol of magnificence – the Samai. This exquisitely designed piece of oil lamps shone in its true brilliance in the royal durbars of the ancient palaces and temples. The art work is designed in the signature hand blown glass style, only to create a limited-edition collection. A true embodiment of ideas encompassing life, true to its name samai. In stillness of time, the lights gleam in beaming glory. With hues and shades to match the grandeur of the finery of precious stones in azure,emerald, rose quartz and sapphire that the maharajas of medieval times adorned, the main frame is encompassed in a vertical golden grass fitting structure with golden lotus petal shaped plates to complete the installation.

Materials and Technical details:
• Material(s) Used: Brass, Finish: Glossy
• Hand Blown Glass
• Extra Large: 2400MM Height, 600 MM Dia,
• Large: 1800 MM Height, 600 MM Dia
• Medium: 1450 MM Height, 450 MM Dia
• Small: 685 MM Height, 300 MM Dia

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