Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957, Saliscendi is an adjustable dual-emission light. The luminous body and reflective disc slide silently along the cables, ensuring perfectly modulated lighting. When moved in the opposite directions from each other, the two elements diffuse more direct or indirect light depending on the distance between them. Designed in 1957, two unique versions were created the following year for the Milan Chamber of Commerce. Today, Saliscendi has been redesigned with dimmable LED light sources.

Saliscendi is a double emission pendant luminaires for indoor application.

Saliscendi is a mobile lamp (it goes up and down, in fact) capable of modifying the intensity of the light by moving through a system of pulleys. This system allowed a light source to be repositioned upwards and downwards, thus adjusting the intensity of the light both on the table and in the surrounding environment.

At the same time the same system rendered it possible to position a reflecting disc above the light source either closer or further away. The disc and lamp body would slide in opposite directions along the cables, moving nearer or farther. The distance between the two elements changes with a simple motion, a hand pushing or pulling a small loop positioned at the base of the lamp body.

When the light source is brought close to the table, the direct light is concentrated on the underlying surface and indirect light illuminates the ceiling, with the disc – now further away – creating no obstacle. When the light source rises, moving away from the table, there is more light in the room yet the lighting is dimmer. Thus, the disc – now much closer – comes into play to reflect the indirect emission and increase the amount of light diffused within the environment.

Today, the pulley system has been completely revised from the past, redesigned with the aim of rendering it appealing to the market today. The support cables along which the parts of the Saliscendi travel also serve as the power supply whilst the spiralled cord has been eliminated for a greater formal cleanliness. Now, two LED light sources guarantee a soft and comfortable dual emission.

And so, we come to the present. Renewed – yes – but still magnificent, technologically-advanced and now in three different colours, with the original ruby-red now flanked by grass-green and white-grey.

A simply extraordinary concept even today, some sixty-five years later. And therefore, daring and visionary in 1957, to say the least! For the realisation of such a complex project, the Castiglioni brothers turned to a company that, at the time, could transform their brilliant intuition into reality more than any other enterprise.

Technical features:

The super warm LED light source with a general lighting light distribution is composed of 2 topled LEDs with CCT of 2700 K and a CRI 90; the source luminous flux is 3672 lm, with a 111.3 lm/W nominal luminous efficacy.

The body is made of metal and features a white, red and green finish, processed by means of coating; the diffuser is made of pmma with a satin finishing treatment; the mounting frame is made of metal, with a black finish, processed by means of coating. The ingress protection degree is IP20; the total weight is of 7.000 kg.

The total absorbed power is 36 W. The power supply cable is included and features a 9.3 m lenght. The device has a protection class I and can be ceiling-mounted. Compliant with the EN 60598-1 standard and its specific provisions.

Materials: blown glass diffuser, directable sphere in aluminium, base in extruded aluminium.

Finishes: clear/chrome/anodised black.

Dimensions: 630×3200(max)x630mm

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