Saber Suspension, the new USA patent-pending lighting system by PureEdge, takes architectural lighting to the next level by creating free-form lighting in outdoor spaces. LED rounded strips of light create soft, glare-free ambient illumination.

Saber’s 3-dimensional, wet-listed, suspended stream of light provides ambient lighting and features a unique, rounded LED strip of light for ideal light diffusion. The 0.75″ wide round lens offers superior colour quality and performance while creating uniform illumination without pixilation. Visually stimulating and housed within an unconventional silicone lens, Saber is tension hung offering flexible installation and conceptual yet functional design. Saber bends up and down giving it the ability to traverse open spaces wall-to-wall, wall-to-ceiling, or floor-to-ceiling.

With Saber’s suspended lines of ‘floating neon’, lighting designers can ‘paint’ the night sky with linear light. It is available in RGB and RGB+White for design flexibility, creating truly unique outdoor spaces. Saber also features multiple colour temperatures, as well as warm dim and tuneable white technology to help create a relaxing environment, replicating the colour temperature change we experience at sunset.

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