1. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the luminous unit is surround by curved surface, like a quite lake. The design extracts organic curves and integrates architectural elements. When multiple units combined, the undulating surfaces are staggered and correspond to each other, forming rich space relationship. The straight lower edge and the undulating curve above creates a good sense of suspension in the interior space.

2. The unique optical lens takes the flowing wave curves as design element. The effect is quite delicate and also plays a good anti-glare role, and the light is much more comfortable. In addition, Due to the digital program control technology of LED, when this lamp turned on, the light will gradually spread out from the center, like ripples. There are two paths of LED sources to create an ideal lighting environment, and they can be controlled separately to form different scene modes;

3. Modular design makes it can be applied by single or multiple, bringing a highly imaginative natural atmosphere to the interior.

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