Rongcheng Youth Centre created a space for discovery.

During the day, sunlight enters the building through the round holes in the façade. At night, the same holes let out the light from the inside, attracting people’s attention. Our façade lighting is thus composed of indoor and natural light in an integrated manner. By adjusting the position of the halo projected onto the façade, a rhythmic change is brought about with the round windows glowing from the inside at night. This adds a special textured light to the pale concrete façade.

A mirror pool is embedded in the ground of the entrance space, and a bridge above the pool connects the front square with the hall inside. The lighting there is inspired by the themes of water and mirror effects. The indoor light on one side of the hall is transmitted from a curved glass curtain-like wall and mixes with the mirrored ambient light, giving a romantic and charming concept of the mirror. The moving light emitted by the hidden Be Water lamps on the ceiling of the entrance hall illuminate the bottom of the round holes, forming attractive artificial ripples, swaying and dancing together with the underwater lights in the mirror pool.

The light emitted by these lamps, refracted by the water, extending to one side of the square, and crossing the bridge connecting the entrance, becomes like scattered water droplets. Following these, you will find the entrance upon entering the square.

All five functional areas are connected on the ground floor. Their lighting concepts too are linked. Ambient lighting for the circulation and shared spaces is provided by illuminating the arches of the passages connecting all functional areas. Each traffic flow is not equipped with the commonly used overhead lighting, and as a result, your sight will not be suppressed when roaming in such spaces, and you definitely could fully experience a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

We attempt to employ shadows in our light designs. When planning the façade lighting of a square facing the sea, with our lighting we want to highlight the arched space hidden in the depths instead of using the traditional way, which is façade floodlighting. By adjusting the façade lighting and ensuring the lights will not cancel out or compete with the starlight, people are still able to enjoy the beauty and peace of the serene night sky, even in big cities.

There are several beautiful trees in the green space of the square. We chose to illuminate these trees to form gorgeous tree shapes, which constitute the front view of the building when seen from the square. The light passes through the trees, lightly casting shadows onto the adjacent building façades, painting a faint hazy background. When attention falls on the depths of the layered arches, it stimulates your desire to immerse yourself in the shared space to explore the secrets that may be hidden there. In this way, the shadows of the trees create a gentle and poetic atmosphere for the venue.

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