D’Alesio&Santoro took care of the Trackside and Underpass Levels lighting design, accomplishing a 40K+ sqm scope of works, illuminating the journeys of over 50 million passengers per year.

The challenge has been to find the right balance in between the aesthetical design intent and the compliance of UNI/EN and strict RFI (Italy’s railway authority) codes and regulations.

On another note, the whole lighting re-design had to deal with existing mechanical and electrical structures. Coming from 9 previously railway lighting design projects, we leveraged our vertical expertise to face this task – challenging in terms of time, effort and expected quality.

The vast majority of lighting fixtures used are from the TLED family, manufactured from the same lighting GC that took care of the whole implementation. Up to 4 photometric distributions have been used, while still maintaining a coherent straight-line visual appearance – something evoking the fast, high-speed lighting affects you might spot from your passing train.

D’Alesio&Santoro and Fida co-designed the TLED product system years ago, and the platform is today at its 3rd evolution round.

This unique story of collaboration in between product design, architectural lighting design and physical implementation and installation proved to be, in this and in many other cases, the most efficient and lean setup for facing these kinds of projects.

To close the circle, D’Aleso&Santoro were put in charge to document the final result, by directing the photographic shooting presented here.

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