The Rockwell Powerplant Sales Lounge and Balmori/Edades West Model Units are designed as sophisticated and comfortable spaces tailored for discussing and facilitating high-end transactions for the various products that ROCKWELL LAND CORPORATION has to offer.

The primary function of the lighting design is to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. The Sales Lounge is a well-lit space with ample coves that feel warm and welcoming and put clients at ease, making them more receptive to discussions and negotiations.

Accent and task lighting focus on the specific choices of floor/wall and material finishes on display. By illuminating these areas effectively, the lighting design ensures that the clients can imagine the possibilities of their future homes.

Good lighting is crucial for clear visual communication. Task lighting in meeting areas ensures that documents, contracts, and product details can be seen clearly, aiding in the discussion and review process.

Lighting is installed only where needed – to highlight artwork, balance the space, or ensure ample light for task lighting. Indirect lighting from the ceiling and wall coves makes the sales lounge glow, attracting customers and passersby around the mall.

The quality and style of the custom decorative lighting fixtures reflect Rockwell’s brand values. It reinforces the high standards and quality of Rockwell Land Corporation, indirectly influencing clients’ buying decisions. Attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the lighting fixtures to the furniture arrangement, ensuring a seamless blend of comfort, style, and functionality.

The ability to adjust lighting for different occasions (like using dimmers) means the lounge can be adapted for various meetings, presentations, or casual discussions. This flexibility helps create the right mood for closing sales, whether it requires a formal setting or a more relaxed atmosphere.

The lighting design of the Rockwell Powerplant Sales Lounge plays a significant role in creating an environment conducive to finalizing sales of Rockwell Land Corporation products.

As the client proceed to the Edades West and Balmori Model Units, are able to envision what their future homes would look like. The proper lighting reduces eye strain and fatigue, making it more likely for clients to stay longer and engage more in discussions. Comfortable clients are more likely to associate positively with the brand and their experience in the lounge and model units.

In summary, the lighting design of the Rockwell Powerplant Sales Lounge and Model Units is not just about illumination but becomes an integral part of the sales experience. It enhances the Materials and Finishes display, improves client comfort and communication, and aligns with the brand’s image, which is crucial in facilitating successful sales transactions.

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