Rigid Grazer Nano is the newest addition to LEDFlex’s popular Rigid Grazer family, following the sought-after Rigid Grazer Maxi. Reimagining lighting for seamless wall grazing and taking it to a new level, Rigid Grazer Nano offers state of the art technology which combines the most compelling features of TIR and reflective optics, resulting in an extremely high-end quality fixture.

With a focused and directional lens design, the Rigid Grazer Nano is available in beam angles of 10°, 30°, and 60°. This produces a sharp and precise beam of light that significantly reduces light spill, ensuring a commitment to minimal light pollution, as well as glare-free visual comfort and wellbeing for users.

The directional lens design increases the overall efficiency of the fixture, providing high efficiency optical fixtures for ultimate uniformity over long runs. Moreover, the luminaire allows for extremely discreet dimensionality as the light source is more easily hidden which helps to create focal points or accents on textured surfaces. This means that this luminaire is suitable for interior walls of various textures.

The luminaire is currently available in colour temperatures ranging from 2500K to 6500K.

Rigid Grazer Nano is the ultimate solution to achieving a flawless wall washing effect for interior architectural applications, with a range of beam angles and colour temperatures to offer a suitable lighting solution for many different project specifications.

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