RH Munich is a striking, multi-level design destination for luxury home furnishings & professional interior design services in a beautiful gallery setting. Situated in Munich’s Old Town on the historic Sedlingder Strasse, the gallery features a carefully curated and immersive lighting scheme by Foundry, tailored specifically for RH’s European expansion.

Throughout this project the iconic and historic architecture of the building presented several challenges: Working with existing power points limited the scope of possibility in lighting positions. However, this did not hold back Foundry’s ambition to create a spectacular experience in illumination.

Launched in November 2023, Foundry first started work on RH Munich in April 2023 – making this project a huge achievement in its 7-month time-frame. From first meetings, concepts, designs and drawings to site visits, construction and installation, team Foundry enjoyed every part of the process and its joyous completion was met with rapturous praise at the well-attended launch party on 28th November 2023 – it was the highlight of Munich’s design calendar!

Since its launch, RH Munich operates as a retail store which doubles up as a showroom for its professional design services. It was essential then, that this project fulfilled the requirements of both facets of the business; fulfilling the demands of a clear and practically-lit retail space, alongside a homely and luxurious residential setting.

In a letter to RH’s network Gary Friedman, Chairman and CEO, placed an emphasis on the luxury of time and writes “Time is why we create inspiring spaces. Spaces that blur the lines between residential and retail, indoors and outdoors, home and hospitality. Spaces that are filled with fresh air and natural light, with garden courtyards, rooftop parks, restaurants, wine and barista bars. Spaces that activate all of the senses and spaces that cannot be replicated online”.

Foundry embraced Friedman’s concept with passion, and its design strikes a delicate symmetry between both residential and retail. The lighting seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, ensuring the illumination enhances the visibility and appeal of the luxury residential product collections, whilst fostering an atmosphere that resonates with the intimacy and familiarity of a luxury residential setting.

A fundamental element in achieving this was Foundry’s meticulous attention to detail in the selection of the lighting colour temperature – which was carefully curated on-site to complement both the architecture and product furnishings. It was important to ensure that the abundance of luxury fabrics and finishes could still be viewed in the same way they would in daylight.

Throughout the project can be found a combination of RH’s signature decorative pieces, including chandeliers and pendants, alongside seamless architectural lighting. The careful composition of these alongside one another is a testament to the thoughtful creation of the space by Foundry.

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