Titul is a premium apartment complex located in the historic centre of Moscow. It consists of seven buildings, four of which look out onto Serebryanicheskaya embankment. The rest of the complex is hidden in the cosy historic Serebryanichesky lane.

The lighting concept was developed taking into consideration different angles of perception of the architectural object by the viewer. The level of brightness of the facades along Serebryanicheskaya embankment was deliberately increased, allowing the complex to blend harmoniously into the evening panorama of the city ensemble.

Inside the complex as well as on the side facing the historically narrow lanes, on the contrary, the brightness is reduced creating an intimate atmosphere of an evening promenade.

We used several layers of lighting:

The first layer is flood lighting, which provides the necessary background level of brightness for the facades and highlights their plasticity with inverse shadows. The desired illumination effect was achieved with the help of spotlights located along the perimeter of the complex and attached to the brackets protruding from the facades.

The second layer provides accent lighting for the architectural elements of the white-stone facades using low-power narrow beam spotlights.

The third layer highlights the jambs of the windows on the golden facades using light fixtures with toroidal optics. This has been an excellent lighting solution considering the intricate architectural layout of the residential complex. This technique emphasizes the depth of the spatial composition and creates a unique visual and emotional image of the architectural structure in the eyes of the viewer.

The lighting has elevated the status of the “Titul” residential complex, emphasized the plasticity of the facades and created a deeply harmonious spatial composition incorporating it perfectly into the lighting ensemble of the city.

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