Natural phenomena, objects and substances are clear, unified and unambiguous as they are. Our perception is what gives them infinite variability, makes them unique, allows to reveal new interpretations. It is like a ray of light that shows an exceptional facets and depth that was not visible before.

In introspective psychology, the process of comprehending our own feelings and emotions associated with our reactions to the surrounding reality is called «reflection». This term inspired us to create this collection and gave it the name – Reflex.

A circle – the main form of a flat diffuser – is a metaphor for an objective, unambiguous phenomenon. And a bright luminous ball with lenticular optics, placed in the center, splitting it in half and giving it volume is a symbol of the strength and significance of human perception. It reflects the potential of personal vision to transform the surrounding reality through one’s own feelings and point of view. A beam of light, scattered by delicate sparks along the fibers of a textile diffuser, shows how organic, moving and bewitching the vision of each individual person can be.

The technical solution of the luminaire provides a balance of the round-shaped metal frame, the bending radius of textile reflectors, the density and texture of the fabric, the brightness and scattering angle of the focused beam. All this creates the most comfortable and visually pleasing light effect. We also used matt glass diffusers in the LED so that natural fabric and glass could form the most organic pair. A hanging system with soft round elements completes the overall composition of the luminaire.

Technical description:

Circular metal frame with a fabric reflector and two source LED in the center. LED modules are hidden behind matt glass diffusers to create soft lighting with a significant luminous flux of 100 lm. The translucent fabric of the diffuser has a pronounced texture and a reflective effect. This allows you to create interesting lighting effects on it and on adjacent walls. The fabric element is located vertically, which prevents contamination from dust during operation.
The series consists of a single pendant and a composition of three pendants. The length of the wires is adjustable up to 2 meters. It allows to use luminaires in the stair area and in rooms with high ceilings. Special ceiling bowls with magnetic mounts have been developed without external fasteners and bolts to make the design more concise.

Research and development team:

Lead designer: Alexey Danilin, Engineer: Nikita Morozov, Product managers: Natalia Danilova, Elena Slivka, Assistant product managers: Karim Tabishchev, Anastasia Orlova.

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