Artin were appointed as the creative lighting design consultants on the hugely exciting Yotel Glasgow project. As part of the project, Artin were briefed to develop the lighting design throughout all front of house areas in the hotel, which included the ground floor mission control reception area as well as the vivid and bold Vega Restaurant and Bar, which was located on the 7th floor of the building. As part of the scheme Artin developed a number of key interactive light art pieces throughout the hotel taking the guests on an immersive and interactive journey from mission control up to Vega located on the 7th floor.

Reflection Portal (Mirror Ach)

Inspired by reflection and concentric geometry and movement, our mirror arch piece was designed to play on illusion and perception of 3D space. The digital mirror and bespoke artwork content create a digital portal which reacts to the movement which is detected within the lift lobby. The mirrored piece plays on the reflected perspective of the concentric illuminated archways, and the digital content mirrors the geometry in 3D animations drawing you into the portal and absorbing you into the digital artwork.

The key to the success of the installation was the development of bespoke 3D content which was designed specifically for the installation and interior space. Artin in coordination with a bespoke animation specialist developed the conceptual content for the mirror, with each piece designed to create a different visual perspective from the 2D plane, into the physical 3D interior. The content played on the idea of perspective, space and geometry, mimicking the interior reflection in digital 2D form.

Synthwave and cyber pop visuals played a strong part in the conceptual development of the content, using vivid colours and bold geometry within the 3D animations.

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