Whilst adjustable colour temperature lighting has been around for a little while by mixing cool and warm whites, a user friendly method of control has proved to be a little more elusive.

The new RLED30CV4+ addresses this issue by allowing the control of both colour temperature and RGBW over a single control channel. To add to this, the RLED30CV4+ is wireless and can be controlled from any of the Rako wireless or wired control devices, from elegant Rako keypads to the user friendly app.

Additional features can also be accessed and programmed from the Rako app in conjunction with the RK-Hub, allowing timed events as well as dusk/dawn settings, to compliment circadian rhythms.

Traditionally, achieving versatile lighting control posed technical challenges, especially with RGBW or tuneable white loads. Each colour (Red, Green, Blue, White) required dedicated channels, limiting the available channels for other lighting circuits. However, the Rako RLED30CV4+ revolutionises the way lighting scenes will be controlled in a single ‘room’ or space and allows for the control of colour change lighting loads or colour temperature.

Programmable via the Rasoft Pro software suite, this unit unlocks a world of possibilities for lighting control. The streamlined control module enhances the scope and flexibility of managing multiple lighting channels or circuits within a room or area, eliminating the previous limitations posed by allocating separate channels for colour control. Moreover, the Rako RLED30CV4+ integrates seamlessly into any Rako wireless or wired scene set system, providing unprecedented convenience and adaptability to users.

In summary, the Rako RLED30CV4+ flawless integration, simplified setup, and wireless functionality redefine the possibilities in lighting design, ensuring an unmatched experience for designers, installers, and end-users alike.

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