Designed and produced by K-array, a pro audio solutions manufacturer to bridge the gap between audio and lighting creating new experiences for those without limits to their imagination within the architectural space.

RAIL is a 1.2 metre homogenous linear LED track light with full range cone drivers integrated into the track merging both high quality light with pro audio uniform sound and elegant design. This provides an integrated solution that allows architects, system intergators and engineers to effortlessly install into familiar environments such as offices, retail and hospitality with a specific focus on reducing install times and cabling.

K-array’s core design philosophy is to build everything for a reason and push the limits of performance whether it is in sound or lighting therfore, a custom PCB board includes 360 high performance LEDS from Nichia, all 3.5mm apart combined with 1.5″ audio cone drivers to create a linear track with full range sound and brilliant light reaching beyond 93 CRI.

A variety of accessories provide a variety of options to install RAIL suspended, plafond, flushed and semi flushed as well as applique and shaped. Custom RAL colours are possible.

RAIL is one of pure, streamlined elegance. Born out of the single-minded vision to create the most effective pro audio solution with light never before seen and once combined with unique soundscape platforms, it can create unique environments for wellbeing.

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