Having launched RAIL in 2019, KSCAPE has had the luxury of providing exceptional solutions for large offices to solve noise pollution as well as provide a complete audio and light solution for video conferencing rooms, museums, training facilities and residential projects where sound and illumination are essential. RAIL is the world’s first architectural lighting system with integrated professional audio.

At the end of 2022, KSCAPE launched RAIL 2.0. A complete plug n play tunable white lighting and audio solution via Casambi Smart Lighting control and bluetooth, wifi music control.

With RAIL, you will be able to control all your lighting needs through the Casambi easy to use app with a smart user interface or with DALI. Casambi can be connected seamlessly into the internal smart building automation system such as Crestron, Lutron or Control 4 via a remote gateway. KSCAPE can now provide the ultimate ‘plug n play’ light and audio solution when combined with the new cloud based K-array amplifiers.

RAIL 2.0 continues its form factor of a slim, 1.2m architectural light that can be automated to follow the natural circadian patterns of daylight with dynamic LEDs in a symmetric reflector that can illuminate from 2700K to 5000K at 3500 lumens and a CRI of 90+; softly rising in the morning, gradually brightening to a midday peak, then dipping down to a warm glow in the evening. Programming light levels in such a way have proven to bolster employee attentiveness, productivity, and even physical wellbeing. The reflector of 99% microsilver protects the LED board with a UGR microprismatic filter to reach optimum glare ratings.

The latest additions to the RAIL family combined with K-array technologies will provide a simple solution for designers who face new challenges where audio and light are essential to the project.

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