Fabricate was commissioned by the end client ‘The Office Group’ to put to reality the concept by Note Design Studio. By working with the original intent only drawings. Fabricate successfully manufactured and installed on-site in London and took responsibility for the full process from mock ups, technical resolutions to the lighting calculations.

The product solution was tailor-made to the exact requirements to ensure they met the aesthetic and lighting technical brief so much so that Note Design commented:

“We were surprised when we arrived to site, the execution of our concept was amazing, the detailing was beautiful.” Johannes Carlström (Founder of Note Design Studio)

Raft XL were designed to create a warm inviting reception area and social space for the entrance floor of Douglas House. Each raft was custom designed to 5000mm X 2000mm or 2500mm, with 12 DALI dimmable Light Line Round at 3000K. The sleek design seamlessly integrates the luminaires into the profile of the corrugated metal sheets. The slim 30 ⌀ profile along with the minimal height and width of the rods gives the effect of the light almost looking as part of the raft. At Fabricate, there is no compromise to the engineering or considered design process for any product.

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