PULSE presents a physical framework for the consideration of light, space and time and their interdependence and interaction with spatial perception.

With the infinite sequence of sun up and sun down, light itself depicts the human construct of time. It is this that provides the basis of examination for the design concept of PULSE, with emphasis to create a structure that can play with scale and perception in both physical and visual terms.

Our concept made it important for PULSE to bring contemplation to a setting during day and night. With mirrored surfaces on all facets, PULSE adopts its surrounding environment providing an alternative way of perceiving what was once a familiar space. Each hoop being a linear slice, the human prerequisite for time to be tangibly segmented is emphasised.

The structure consists of twelve giant hoops covered on all surfaces with a reflective mirrored chrome finish. Each hoop has two lines of individually addressable LED’s running around its inner circumference making up a total of 14,400 pixels within the entire structure. Each hoop is comprised of 5 sections and two custom fabricated steel feet/baseplates. Once fully assembled each ring is 4m in diameter with the entire structure measuring 45m in length.

The programming is a 5 minute long performance comprising a tightly choreographed and fast paced audio visual journey created specifically for the installation. This was created by Alan Hayes using motion graphics as the delivery medium which is then converted into DMX values via software. The audio score for the project was created by Dan Bibby.

All lighting is DMX controlled via Artnet over Ethernet cables running from an onboard computer accessible via WIFI.

The light units themselves were custom fabricated by This is Loop enabling them to make completely weather sealed, 2m long curved sections of addressable LED to fit the precise dimensions of the structure. The optically clear sealant encasing the LED’s also results in a lens effect significantly increasing the viewing angle and light intensity.

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