ProTools 1.5” Downlights (PTD 1.5) is a complete family of 1.5” aperture lighting tools designed to supplement an extensive offering from the Whitegoods brand designed and manufactured by Inter-lux. Whitegoods continues to evolve as an innovative solution to meet the needs of lighting designers who strive to illuminate spaces that require the focus to be on the architecture and not the lighting. This new addition further expands the tools they have available to implement their creative vision.

This new product line provides a unique solution to reduce glare with a specifically-engineered deep baffle design. Equipped with a special selected lens, the light is evenly spread toward the center to achieve the beam angles needed. Suitable for general and accent illumination, PTD 1.5 features a very small aperture, low brightness, high lumen output, and excellent color rendition. The small size of PTD 1.5 allows it to be installed in very shallow ceiling depths for both integral and remote drivers.

Fully customizable, this line offers multiple housing styles for mounting into all ceiling types and is available in round, square, trim, trimless, single and twin trim options. Multiple fixture configurations can be accomplished with twin trim; available for round downlight, adjustable and wallwash fixtures.

ProTools Downlights are designed with a flexible LED platform so that the light engine can be easily installed, field exchanged and updated as new technology evolves. This downlight family utilizes world-class COB LED devices that deliver consistent performance and the highest quality of light available in a configuration that works effectively with today’s optical systems.

Whitegoods Warm Dim lighting provides LED dim-to-warm technology virtually indistinguishable from an incandescent light source. Designed to precisely mimic the black body curve of a standard 100W A19 lamp by gradually transitioning from 1800K to 3000K.

Whitegoods products address the need for minimalist lighting tools that are easy to specify, install and maintain. Luminaires by Whitegoods blend perfectly with adjoining surfaces to create integrated lighting schemes with one unified style and maximum efficiency of design. PTD 1.5 brings even more options and flexibility to the Whitegoods brand.

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