Meshing organic and industrial shapes, these lights cast dramatic shadows through an 8-bladed floral-inspired form. A mix of hand-driven and computer-aided machines have been used in the construction of these lights, which are designed and produced in Tasmania, Australia.

The 8 curved blades slot into a custom anodised aluminium central bracket and are held in place independently with custom clamps and small grub screws. The bracket then fixes into a turned Tasmanian Blackwood nose cone cover cap. The pendants are easily assembled, with an instructional video available online.

The Propeller Blossom Pendant Light comes with a standard 2 m long cord in black cloth with a black ceiling rose, E27 light fitting, custom-made aluminium bracket, Tasmanian Eucalyptus petal inspired blades and turned Tasmanian Blackwood nose cone cover cap.

The Propeller Blossom 1000 mm diameter is the latest edition to the Propeller range. Currently we have lights with diameters from 350mm all the way up to 1550 mm. This light is approximately 1050 mm in diameter and has presence both in the dramatic shadows cast, but also the over all form of the object. The size makes it suitable for high ceiling spaces and architectural void spaces.

Tasmania is a small island, and it is always important to consider markets outside of our geographic location when designing. Keeping this in mind, we ensured this feature light was easy to assemble at the other end, whilst maintaining minimal flat pack envelope for such a large decorative light source.

Inspiration and Process
The form for this light was first inspired by nature and the physical making process. The original form came about through experimenting with different grain orientations of some thin plywood that I had. By physically playing with the materials and light sources I was able to discover the form for the original smaller Propeller Pendant Light. Each blade was inspired by floral petals and leaves, and through the twisting of the ply, the propeller form was discovered.

This process of ‘hand-design’ is integral to the way in which my products and light installations come about. I tend to be quite hands-on, experimenting with materials and light sources in the physical world to see how the light performs through and around a form or object.

This process of inspiration and design is somewhat governed by my lack of ability to use mouse driven computer aided drawing or visualisation programs, as I am legally blind with less than 5% vision left, concentrated around the periphery. The way that I experience light bursting from the periphery is showcased in the final product or installation of many of my designs. The Blossom is not an exception to this. The light dispersing through the gaps showcases how the twisted blades can illuminate an area, while still create interesting, and relaxing ambient light and shadow patterns.

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