Fibr8 allows laser light to be bent around your finger in any direction. Fibr8 created a direct visible light line without any electronics in the light line. On pictures it looks like LED strips, however Fibr8 starts where LED technology should/could not be used.

The real experience you can not explain in words, so please look at the light design generated by Into Lighting for the [d]arc awards 2024 .


The innovation of the Fibr8 light source has a history of using Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber for art projects like Ai Weiwei (7 km light line Amsterdam Light Festival) and Studio Roosegaarde (200m Fiber integrated in rope a of kite) in 2017-2018.

The beauty of the art applications generated interest from the maritime (Super Yacht) industry, which challenged Fibr8 to generate a long, thin and flexible line light product product which could be used in extreme maritime environment. Fibr8 accepted the challenge and launch Fibr8® ProFile Laser powered Light Line together on project with Royal Huisman on Super Yacht PHI by the end of 2021. Everything we used in the art projects has been changed or adapted including the upgrade of Corning fiber to a more robust set-up required for extreme outdoor environments (version 2).

Using the project experience and learnings Fibr8 had a product launch of the Fibr8® ProFile Laser powered Light Line during Monaco Yacht Show on a Falcon Tender September 2023. Fibr8 launched the full DMX controllable light source to be used in the architectural market during the [d]arc sessions in Bahrain 2023.

We are proud that leading light design companies like Buro Happold, Metis Lighting and Into Lighting has started to work with us to enable the Fibr8 technology in the architectural market.

Using Laser powered Glass Fibre as Light Source

By generating a complete Light Line solution Fibr8 created a light source with 8 Unique Characteristics:

1. Passive Glass Light Lines: No electronics in the light line!
2. Effortless Maintenance: Electronics on central location, so maintenance like changing a traditional light bulb
3. Incredible Slim: Fibr8 sizing start from a >1mm thin light line source, Corning® Fibrance® Light-Diffusing Fiber.
4. Remarkable Flexibility: Fibre can handle a bend radius of 1 cm, Fibr8 innovated with using a elastic tubing material to keep it full flexible as a profile as well.
5. Laser Light Experience: Tiny crystals that illuminate including cold and warm white
6. Energy Efficient: Lower power consumption as LED strips supporting e.g dark sky requirements
7. Durability (Marine-Proof): Fibr8 started to innovate in a world of salt, UV-light, water and more.
8. 100m+ Seamless Light lines: Yes, Fibr8 can enable this!

Industry Recognition and Future Goals

Our engagement at the [d]arc session in Bahrain was met with great feedback, validating our approach and spurring us on to further innovation. As we apply for the [d]arc awards, we’re not just showcasing a product; we’re presenting a vision for the future of lighting – a future where design, functionality, and environmental responsibility converge.


Fibr8’s laser-powered fiber-optic light lines stand as a testament to innovative design, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability. These core benefits align perfectly with the criteria of the [d]arc awards, positioning us as a strong contender. We’re excited to contribute to the architectural and design community, offering lighting solutions that are not just visually stunning but also environmentally conscious and adaptable to the future’s challenges.

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