The architecture is a peculiarity of these latitudes with the floating and smoothly undulating concrete surfaces, resting easily over the terrain and on top of each other. This creates a unique natural incidence of light and a human scale throughout the spaces. The incidence of daylight is exciting and surprising and creates reflections and variation vertically throughout the building.

The concept has been in the details. Lightscapes have worked with light poetry in the “impact” and worked with “painting” with light. The warm light roams over the materials to create spaciousness, presence and warmth. This is an exclusive space, but lighting design for everyday life, cosy moments in the spa, indulging an enthusiasm for exotic cars, for parties, for family and friends. There are scenarios for different moods depending on activity. Raw concrete, steel, corian, clear glass and warm wooden surfaces are articulated in light that is absorbed and reflected in the same soft way for all surfaces. The materials are honest in their expression, without cosmetics and you feel really ’embraced’ by the building body.

The spa and wellness area, inside and in the garden, has a stylish, simple and intimate lighting quality. All lighting here is soft, warm and pared down in its design and expression to ensure visual calm and coziness for everyday life. The lighting is 100% built-in, integrated and glare-free from all angles and levels in the building. In these areas, the lighting is ‘white light’ in a very warm color temperature. The light quality is exponentially adjustable down to 1% with warm dim.

Illuminating cars is a lighting designer’s dream and biggest challenge! The lighting and the shape, color and reflections of the cars must play together – one must dare to work with extreme contrasts and dare to use dappled light in combination with ‘borrowed light’ reflected from the materials in the space. If the light becomes too monotonous or diffuse, the shape of the car becomes flattened and, conversely, the lighting quality must be constantly balanced so as not to appear visually chaotic.The garage has an everyday scenario, but also scenographic works combining moving lights with theatre and architectural luminaires, that recreate the atmosphere of a sunset trip in the Sahara Desert, a drive along the Mediterranean coastline, a journey through a light green forest. The cars can set the stage for the wildest party.

Resting on top of the building, the ‘Mancave’ is the reserve in the gamer. We have designed an all-encompassing ‘cucoon’ by Barisol, specially designed with RGBWW and built-in ventilation. Sound, acoustics and a good indoor climate in terms of heating and ventilation have, of course, also saved the details of this project.

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