A multi-sensory concept based on the Cafè’s original gastronomic experience in which light indicates different stages in the day. So, in daytime, the space is bright and dynamic, supported by artificial calm light effect, whereas, at night, a light installation changing (6 scenarios) offers a club atmosphere in total chromatic balance with interior project.

This recounts the company’s technological character of artificial intelligence and big data analysis through kinetic art that allows a hypnotic sequence of shapes and colours to be created. With a particular focus on detail, a dynamic space has been generated, in which the walls, conceived as three-dimensional surfaces change the perception of the environments according to different points of view and times of the day, thanks to the reflection of natural light. This consists of a pleated belt with a twin finish that surrounds the environment and can provide either a violet glow or a prestigious burnished reflection. In addition to the kinetic wall, the other element that characterises the venue is the lighting system, which is custom-designed by the IN-VISIBLE lab studio. This features a cascade of about 600 transparent and reflective methacrylate tubes, illuminated by RGBW LEDs, the effect is that of a light wave that spreads across the entire venue in a way that is reminiscent of Neon Art. The intensity and colour of the light are altered using a Master Pro DMX control system to provide a rhythm throughout the day in line with the principles of circadian rhythms. The artificial light, in fact, takes into account the human biological cycle to guarantee maximum well-being. Between the tubes that create diffuse emotional lighting, several spotlights have also been installed to provide accent lighting. These spotlights are also special products with a 2700 K LED to recall the white (W) used in the pendant tubes.

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