In this anxiety producing doom and gloom environment of pandemic, impending wars, chaos- every human being is craving positivity because we cannot survive without it. We need to surround ourselves with products which influence our emotional reactions, not just full-fill their respective functions.

Taking inspiration from Art Deco, a movement that brought about a positive change in the society during the early 20th century, I hope that the Prerit Hanging lamp (means to inspire in Hindi) connects to our soul and sends reminders of what we value most and what direction to take. In this lamp each rounded concentric lines is meticulously hand woven in thin golden wires by extremely skilled artisans of our village. The form here depicts a flower with beautifully crafted petals so that the illusion of a flower impacts our brain positively and puts people in good mood.

The relative simplicity, planarity, meditative symmetry and unvaried repetition of elements come together to create this piece. The layers within allows light to filter through, creating bright and diffused illumination highlighting the modern organic shade.

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