The POWERdrive 50W LED Driver

Where many DMX drivers fail on surge events, incorrect wiring and mishandling, eldoLED’s POWERdrive 50W LED Driver is reliable and truly delivers.

Key Performance Specifications

Here’s a run-down of the key specifications of the POWERdrive 50W LED driver:

* Input voltage: 120 – 277Vac
* Output power: 50W
* Number of LED outputs: 4
* LED output type: Constant Current
* LED output voltage range: 2V – 55V
* LED output current range: 150 – 1400mA
* LED output current resolution: Programmable in 1mA

Deep Dimming & Controlled Fades

POWERdrive 50W LED drivers incorporate an improved dimming algorithm—with our signature, proprietary Hybrid HydraDrive technology—that enables dimming down to 0.1% across all 4 LED outputs.

This LED Driver also reduces flicker and the likelihood of artefacts or banding in rolling-shutter image sensors—most often used in cell phone cameras.

Dynamic Response & DMX Robust Capabilities

One of the benefits of the POWERdrive 50W LED drivers is its fully programmable. This digital LED Driver has 4 constant current sources that can be independently controlled via DMX/RDM for those high-speed, multi-channel colour applications.

On the other hand, an isolated DMX interface improves the immunity of POWERdrive 50W LED drivers. Ultimately, strengthening the connected DMX network against surge events and accidental miswiring

Flexible Programming Capabilities

This LED Driver has fully programmable capabilities that support a wide operating window. These flexible, advanced configurable parameters includes startup/fail mode, group scaling, interpolation and DMX network settings.


Our POWERdrive 50W LED drivers are UL Class P listed. Additionally, this driver meets the latest EMI standards —FCC title 47 CFR part 15 class B & CISPR15— and complies with time-to-first light < 500ms per CA24.

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