“The artwork, a collective of multitude of images, is a reflection of my thoughts, my imaginary perception of a beautiful tomorrow. A dream of utopia where the knowledge, the technological advancement and the evolved intelligence will make the world dramatically beautiful and beautifully imagined.”

The theme for the Amsterdam Light Festival – Edition 12 is Revealing Art, AI and Tech, which invited the artists to address the rise of artificial intelligence and technology and its role in daily life and the world of art with their works.

In an age marked by rising distrust and fear of the new dawn in the world of technology, Artist takes an optimist’s approach. With his inviting, light-filled installation “Pool of Dreams”, he boldly imagines a beautiful tomorrow.

“Pool of Dreams”, an ethereal light installation, is made up of 100 mirror-finished, stainless steel orbs, ranging from 3.5 to 7 feet in height & 12 to 20 inches in diameter_. With this ambitious work, Sogani brings together the worlds of art, light and technology to address the theme of the festival.

To reflect on reflections, a reflection of the reality, but contained in a tangible form makes the reality a bit of a dream.

To the extent that the installation tends to pull you in, and plays with this nuisance, in a way that the fine lines between dreams, reality, present, future… all may get blurred.

These gently moving bubble forms in mirror-finished stainless steel, reflect the relationship between technology and the future. The material and the forms collectively evoke a futuristic feel and create an atmosphere that would engage the viewer with the installation.

Given the location, the installation is partly in water and some clusters on land. Many people would experience it from distances, some would come close and even interact with the artwork. While boat rides give one a close view of the water installations, people walk within and mingle in the clusters on land. Surreal reflections in water, lights from the neighbourhood architecture and the tree density on top, all helped us define the light play and the colours.

The reflections of the glistening forms, the blue lights recessed below it, and the cool white reflections of the trees from above collectively dance in mesmerizing manners as the artwork comes alive in an ever-changing recital, and a curious dialogue ensues between the spectator-enthralled, and the subject-enthralling.

Daylight has become crucial in today’s approach in lighting. These works look magical with the ever changing daylight, the skyline and the sky colors and their reflections in water… a photographer’s delight. This leads to the artwork attracting people through the day also.

The overall goal is to create an immersive, interactive and thought-provoking experience for the viewer, while provoking curiosity and subtly encouraging them to imagine and reflect on the role of technology and our evolved intelligence towards our future.

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