Launched at Light 22, Polescade from John Cullen Lighting offers ceiling-to-floor coverage of light with an even illumination for the ultimate wall-wash effect. Building upon the heritage of the Polespring range, Polescade offers unprecedented levels of visual comfort in a downlight through a patent-pending construction consisting of a dedicated wall-wash optic, louvre and integrated baffle to minimise glare from almost every viewing angle. Even with all these features, Polescade protrudes only 3mm from the ceiling at its thickest point with a diameter of just 73mm, making it the most discreet on the market. Despite the shallow profile, the ceiling around the fitting remains completely unilluminated. This is something that most others fail to achieve. The Polescade 50 can be used with John Cullen’s four LED engines – Pure 50, AmbiDim 50, True 50 and Tune 50 – ensuring consistency with our full range of downlights.

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