There is a fast growing demand for digitally-enabled built environments that use live data to manage human behaviours in real-time.

They can be work places, shopping centres, hotels, airports or experiential features such as media facades or brand activations.

In 2021, people are expecting more experiential spaces. A growing real-estate trend of “phygital spaces” merge the physical and digital worlds allowing for the creation of new kinds of immersive experiences. These can serve instrumental functions such as active wayfinding, safety and wellness and quality parameters such as usability, visual perception and comfort. They can also create a sense of wonder, leave lasting memories and enable new revenue models.

Essentially they are cybernetic spaces that respond and adjust automatically to things such as people flow, usage, time of the day, data or weather.

When managed well they offer huge new opportunities for real estate owners and operators, but there is a problem. There has been no product focussed on enabling these spaces. Until now that is…

At Skandal Technologies we have developed the POET control system to remotely manage the new breed of real-time environments that combine lighting, media, sound, sensing, data harvesting and even scent to influence how people experience places.

With our POET control software lighting designers, AV integrators, architects and artists can design, deploy and manage dynamic and adaptive digital-physical spaces.

These can be used to:

* Create ever changing experiences based on people flow, demography and other live inputs
* Nudge the behaviour of crowds through non-invasive techniques
* Reduce cognitive load to make new environments easier to navigate
* Create new revenue channels by utilising existing surfaces inside and out

The building owners and operators benefit from influencing human behaviour & increasing their asset value and earning revenue from the system.

The designer benefit from creative user interface that allows for complex lighting behaviours to be generated easily and previewed in 3D or through special VR application. The system enables new business models for lighting designers where they can provide new remote services such as content management, visual updates to spaces, customised look and feel for special events and through extra secure remote access.

The system has been already used in some of the world’s most ambitious digital-physical spaces used to create narrative environments, experiential branding and dynamic way finding.

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