The all new Poet Creator Software 2.0, is a cutting-edge architectural lighting content and control system for the design and operation of dynamic lighting and media interventions.

The software offers a streamlined process where designers can conceptualise, test, deploy, and remotely control lighting and media for architectural spaces to positively influence human behavior from a single software.

The role of the architectural lighting designer is enhanced, encompassing real-time orchestration of all visual content, including lighting, projections, LED screens, interactive features, and digital art. POET promotes new business models and revenue streams for designers through remote content management, data analytics, and monitoring.

This paradigm shift empowers designers with no programming background to produce sophisticated, real-time data-driven digital content. POET allows seamless connection of visual content to live data inputs like cameras, sensors, and external data, even during the concept design stage. Displayed on a real-time 3D model, the software significantly reduces the cost and complexity associated with creating responsive and interactive systems.

Poet Creator Software, is a user-friendly desktop application for Windows PC with good level graphics. Designers can map visual content onto surfaces, generated through built-in visual algorithms customizable via simple parametric changes. External content shaders can be imported for maximum creative freedom. Content parameters such as movement speed, color, intensity, patterns, and responsiveness can be effortlessly linked to time, live camera feeds, ambient sensors, seasons, and online data feeds. POET’s built-in machine vision algorithm and AI tracking module make any content interactive within seconds, hiding the complexity typically associated with programming. Designed by designers for designers, POET prioritizes intuition, speed, and ease of learning.

After on-site construction completion, the same POET file used for concept and detailed design stages is uploaded to the on-site server. No reprogramming is needed, allowing real-time adjustments by the designer without a need for a specialist programmer. This ease ensures quick and efficient perfection, even for complex lighting scenarios, interactive behaviors, and digital art interventions. Designers can securely access the on-site POET with any laptop computer (PC or Mac) locally or remotely usign extra secure VPN.

The POET system seamlessly integrates with various lighting protocols and communicates with BMS systems and IoT platforms. It supports up to 4 x 4K high-definition generative visuals, including swarm generators, particle engines, caustics effects, text, videos, images, and sound. Data from multiple input parameters can be collected and published to clients’ data analytics platforms, such as AWS or other MQTT-based databases. Customized user interfaces, like wall-mounted touch panels, are part of the system’s versatility.

Highly scalable, POET’s value shines when controlling diverse output devices simultaneously. It adapts automatically to optimize spaces for project goals. This scalability makes it unique in the market and ideal for the trend of creating hybrid multipurpose spaces, digital-physical environments, and experiential interventions in the built environment. POET stands as a game-changer, providing designers with the tools to craft immersive, responsive environments that positively impact human behavior.

Launched in the occasion of Infocomm, Orlando in June 2023 the Poet Creator was selected the Control and Management Technology of the Year by the AV Awards 2023 and has been deployed by some of the leading lighting designers in projects globally.

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