KUMUX Platform is a cutting-edge software that optimises lighting in architectural spaces by bridging the gap between the control system and the lighting fixtures using AI algorithms. KUMUX creates the most suitable lighting settings in terms of illuminance and/or colour temperature throughout the day.

KUMUX platform offers a range of features that make designing dynamic lighting easy and efficient. From tools that explain the benefits of dynamic lighting to customers, to qualified data and information about light and control specs, KUMUX supports lighting designers from the schematic design phase where conceptualization starts taking shape.

Further on, designers can create dynamic curves that follow the desired colour science (such as WELL, UL, Lighting Research Center, or the lighting designer’s own) and science-based circadian patterns for the specific geolocation, type of building, and activities. The software is compatible with all lighting manufacturers and LED light sources, using AI algorithms to analyse their characteristics to obtain the optimization of their spectrum for human needs throughout the day. All this makes it a versatile choice for customised lighting in any project.

Additionally, the KUMUX platform also provides a commissioning service that guarantees effective implementation of the dynamic lighting design, regardless of the lighting control system used. It is compatible with major control systems, including Lutron, Casambi, Pharos, Summa, KNX, and Inventronics (OSRAM). The software’s tools calibrate and easily adjust settings in the final testing phase of commissioning, ensuring a tailored solution for each project.

KUMUX’s innovative software approach significantly reduces working hours in the lighting design and commissioning process, minimising the risks during the construction and delivery phase. With KUMUX, lighting designers can ensure that the final lighting output meets the concept they have developed throughout the full process and delivers the real-life benefits that were specified in the design stages.

The KUMUX solution is a powerful set of tools that allows designers to combine lighting aesthetics, human-centric principles and circadian science for their designs for their clients’ spaces and applications.

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