Rako has launched two new ceiling mounted occupancy sensors with built in smart, time conditional features and light sensing. The wired and wireless PIR sensors are ideal to provide reliable occupancy/absence data to building owners and the unobtrusive design ensures it does not distract from a lighting designer’s scheme.

The WK-PIR and RK-PIR motion detectors permit Rako wired and wireless commands to be transmitted automatically when sensing movement and have programmable output actions based on motion detection. Over a large area, approximately 9000mm, the sensor provides highly sensitive motion detection. The two modes of operation on the RK-PIR and WK-PIR sensors allow for complete flexibility and importantly, ease of use.

The PIR sensors have been designed to be discrete with an aesthetically improved design. Fitting of the sensors is hassle free with a 48mm diameter ceiling cut-out and internal metal fixing clips means there is no need for screw fixings. The wireless RK-PIR is battery powered which means there is no need to run dedicated wiring to the PIR, ideal for locations where access is difficult.

To allow for flexible customisation of the wireless and wired sensors, A RK/WK Hub is required. When in Hub manage mode different scenes can be selected for day and night tracking functionality and other conditional functions are programmable via the Hub. Light level dependent operation allows the PIRs to take over control of the ambience as the daylight wanes and the additional configurable auto-off timer has the added benefit of saving energy by implementing absence detection.

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