This place is a real artifact of the Moscow Soviet Era, yet its history begins even earlier. Right here in 1882 was held a Russian Technological Trade and Art exhibition, and in 1894 it served as a coronation spot of Nicolay The Second.
In 1911 Moscow council gave this territory to the Ski Club with a premise of free lessons for kids during winter seasons. In 1917 here was built a first Russian specialized football court, which gave life to development of a youth sports in USSR.
In 1946 according to the Uriy Shchuko’s project a big metal fence was built around the stadium which had corners with embedded in 1964 mosaic patterned panels. This fence is a one in its kind metal fence with embedded mosaics that describe a theme of pioneers and athletics.

After stadium’s demolition and development of its territory in 2016 the decision was made to recover the famous mosaic panels and place them on the preserved part of the stadium wall. Reconstruction and landscaping of the project was held by WOWHAUS architecture bureau and we as Culture of Light were responsible for lighting the public space of residential park, which is not only available for residents, but for anyone wishing to have a nice walk in there.

Inner space of the wall was turned into a pedestrian gallery with an exposition on history of Stadium of Young Pioneers. It also has exercise machines, boulder wall and recreational spaces. With our lighting we tried to create a comfortable atmosphere which would be decorative and that would play along with architectural decisions, captured the details and historical panels.
Lighting decisions is built around nuances of shades of white light. Amber accents of arches work well on the total warmth in functional spaces while colder shades preserve the colors of the mosaic panels.

That is how a unique and beautiful place in Moscow came to be. The place which is not only alive in memory of USSR generation but in a generation of a young people who exercise here or simple enjoying their walk.

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