Retailers have been moving from general lighting to more accent lighting over the past years. An Aisle lighting solution delivers high contrast, but in a more efficient light distribution and with greatly reduced risk of glare. This concept brings a new lighting experience to market, emphasized by a differentiating design where form follows function. The soft architectural design delivers an elegant and slim organic shape.

The Philips StoreFlow has an Efficient lighting distribution, the shelves are lit the brightest at eye level and have a very smooth vertical decay, while maintaining a good illumination from the top of the shelve to the bottom.

The shape of the unique reflector defines the organic shape of the luminaire. With a smooth transition from the organic surface to the geometrical shapes the styling brings the focus to our soft architectural language style.

The spot head (s) can be tilted individual to compensate deviations in the store layout. Risk of glare is reduced to the absolute minimum. Each spot head is individually equipped with aiming indications to enable accurate and consistent tilting across the store.

A large spacing between products is leading to an energy- and cost-efficient installation.

The product is designed for the circular economy and meets the criteria set for Lighting for Circularity products. The front and back cover are made from Bio-based polycarbonate. The product is designed for disassembly and serviceability, no glue or potted electronics are used, and the product is easy to disassemble.

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