This is a luminaire with a purpose.

These luminaires are made from used fishing nets, collected from harbours on the coast of Cornwall.
Old fishing nets which have been discarded in the ocean are a huge problem because they endanger sealife and continue to ‘ghost fish’.

Recycling fishing nets allows consumers to contribute to cleaning the ocean and helps fishing communities create value from their used fishing nets.

This collection empowers people to make a conscious choice without compromising on beauty.

The lamps have coastal inspired textures and colours that bring the feeling of the sea and the coast to your home.

The goal was to create a sustainable lamp to be a North Star for our business.

Creating value from used fishing nets helps prevent them ending up in the ocean.

This product is paving the way to 3D printing more of our product portfolio with recycled and bio-based materials.

The luminaire has a droplet shape and the same characteristic blue green color of the fishing nets.
When lit, the recycled material shows gradients of green tones and small irregularities which make every lamp unique.

The luminaire is printed in 3 parts held together by the bulb holder and creates soft and soothing light, which highlights the texture of the shade.

It uses a standard an E27 fitting that is easy to fit with an energy efficient (or smart) LED bulb.

With the Philips MyCreation Coastal breeze we are taking 3D printing to a new level by pioneering a new design craftmanship where the beauty of printed forms, textures and materials are expressed while solving the technical challenges of sustainability, in a commercially viable way.

Recycling used fishing nets helps keep them out of the ocean.

Local manufacturing improves skill development and employment in the region, and reduces transportation footprint.

Although we manufacture at scale, we do so on demand, eliminating waste.

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