Once a lighting installation is up and running, making changes, or even investigating issues requires sending a skilled technician to site; incurring time, financial and environmental costs, all adding to the budget. But it needn’t be so difficult or costly.

Pharos Cloud is our online service, built to make your lighting projects fully remote, giving you the power to control and access them from any location using any device. Pharos Cloud is a fully collaborative and globally accessible platform that provides management, monitoring, scheduling, and other powerful features within an intuitive user interface.

Once you have signed up to Pharos Cloud, set up is quick and easy; simply add your lighting controllers, assign tailored user permissions, and immediately begin controlling and scheduling your lighting collaboratively with your team.

Pharos Cloud features a versatile Scheduling system that allows Tasks to be created and scheduled to automatically run at the time you need. Tasks group Actions together, from multiple controllers or multiple projects so they can be run at the same time. Another powerful function of Tasks is that they can be assigned to buttons on your site’s control panel and used for live control of your projects.

The service allows you to effortlessly assign permissions to use and edit tasks, schedules, and control panels for each of your users, so that everyone can do their job from any location.

Updating both project files and controller firmware can be now be done remotely and securely at any time from the Pharos Cloud interface, as well as directly from the Pharos Designer 2 software. The platform also uses industry standard security to protect login access and all connections to your projects, ensuring they are never exposed.

Subscribe to important notifications to receive real time alerts for your high-profile projects and follow them with ease and confidence.

Pharos Could is ideal for museums, architecture, theme parks, showrooms, exhibitions, retail; in fact, all installations controlled 24/7 by multiple devices. Pharos Cloud was developed to simplify the remote management of lighting wherever it is deployed and independent of the number of fixtures.

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