In order to improve the aging interiors of this large pharmaceutical company headquarters, the lighting design team was tasked with designing a modern lighting intervention for the soaring atrium to create dynamic employee socialization zones and encourage employee interaction. The lighting designers were challenged with designing a custom fixture for the large atrium space – a significant volume that spans the 5-story core of the building, while maintaining a light and airy feel throughout.

The grand custom chandelier was introduced to the atrium space, creating a signature design feature for the headquarters. The light fixture offered a sense of place at the main entry for visitors and employees and is an item of conversation. Shop drawings were well coordinated with the manufacturer to deliver a signature piece to the space and work with existing conditions. The custom fixture was installed very carefully to keep the layers balanced and level, as hidden weights were used to ensure the fixture hung perfectly. A custom canopy was created to conceal the fixture’s 20 remote drivers and to ensure accessibility in the future. The 18’ x 23’ fixture is suspended from a vaulted ceiling; its tiers supported by a custom power/suspension system to keep the overall mounting clean. The custom fixture met budget by its special ring configuration and non-continuous approach making it a unique showpiece.

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